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Gary Tan, is one of Asia’s top Ice Hockey coaches, Malaysia’s leading national ice hockey player and also the Captain of the Malaysia Wildcats Hockey Club. Tan began playing ice hockey at the age of 17, after playing roller hockey since he was 15. His passion has made him Malaysia’s top goalscorer and leading coach. He has earned his international coaching training badges from Canada and has travelled around the world to coach and learn more about Ice Hockey (i.e. Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE)

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“Gary Tan has incredible passion and desire for teaching the great game of hockey. He is a dedicated trainer that has learned to coach both Canadian and European hockey systems. Having trained and worked with Gary in Canada, I would highly recommend his program to anyone looking to improve their overall skills and understanding of the great game of hockey.”

Coach Jules Jardine
World Class Hockey Development

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“There are many great hockey minds I had the opportunity to work with from all around the world. Most of these coaches have renowned reputations because they are located in popular hockey markets with abundance of players where hockey is their country’s first or second sport.

In December 2018, Gary Tan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia reached out to me asking if I would be interested in doing a technical Shooting & Scoring camp with him in Malaysia.

I’m glad I agreed to work with him! I have never met a person with this level of dedication, willingness and passion, not only to improve himself as a hockey teacher but also to pass on all his countless hours of observations and research to his coaches and students.

Furthermore, he is willing to share his opinions! Gary is a true PRO! We need more people like Gary in our hockey development world. I feel privileged to have met him and glad to call him my friend!”

NHL Level Shooting & Scoring Coach of over 20 years

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“I met Gary in 2007 in Vierumaki for an IIHF summer development camp. I immediately recognized someone who demonstrates passion, a deep love of teaching the game and an incredible thirst to improve his knowledge and methods. His high drive to grow even brought him to visit me in Northern Canada a few years later! Gary and I stay in touch and I see him as a leader. For me, to lead is to serve, and he is serving the game, serving young hockey players who have a desire to play and is serving his community. I am a very fortunate friend of his and hope to see him continue his great work for a long time.”

Marc-André Dumont
General Manager and Head Coach
Cape Breton Screaming Eagles
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League


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[image type=”thumbnail” link=”true” info=”popover” src=”609″ alt=”Gary Tan’s Ice Hockey Skill and Drills” title=”Hockey Skill-N-Drills Class” info_content=”Hockey Skill and Drills” href=”https://www.g10icehockey.com/hockey-programs/sunday-skills-n-drills-class2/” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Skill-N-Drills Hockey Class

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[image link=”true” src=”335″ alt=”School Holiday Ice Hockey Camps” title=”School Holiday Ice Hockey Camps” href=”https://g10icehockey.com/hockey-programs/team-practices/” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Hockey Team Practices

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[image src=”334″ alt=”Ice Hockey Team Training” title=”Ice Hockey Team Training”]

Hockey Camps

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[image link=”true” src=”336″ alt=”Private Hockey Classes” title=”Private Hockey Classes” href=”https://www.g10icehockey.com/hockey-programs/private-classes/” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Private & Semi-Private Hockey Classes

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