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  1. Hi Gary!
    We are moving to KL in mid/late June. My son is 13 and has played 2 seasons of hockey with the Cumberland Dukes in Ottawa, Canada. We are very pleased to find out the sport is growing very rapidly in Malaysia. You were recommended to us by Kim Carnahan. This is a huge reference especially coming from a hockey mom from a hockey nation like Canada :). Do you have specific dates for your trainings or do you go as per client request? Can you quote the prices for the different areas of skills and trainings provided? Looking forward to enrolling my son soon. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Mr. Gary,

    I’m 30 years old working guy who don’t know how to skate or even play a Ice / roller hockey in my entire life but do loves this sport since I’m young. I watch NHL everyday, play NHL game everyday, loves NJ Devils all my life, know the hockey rules since I watch NHL. and recently, i just found that Malaysia had 2 rink and 1 is nearest my working place, Putrajaya and had this game in country, wow its like a dream come true..and I think I want to give a try, but can a 30 years old guy learn from your academy? from starting..or is it only for certain age?

    I like to be a goalie, I like this position so much. Can I learn to be a Goalie? Do you also teach this position?

    Let say if you accept a 30 years old man into the academy, how about the fees? the complete goalie gear? Is it expensive? Do in country had Ice Hockey pro shop?

    Lastly, I would like to thank you for you time reading my comment here, yah quite long, but just to let you know my passion for this sport..

    Many Thanks.

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