Intro to Hockey (ITH)


The Intro To Hockey (ITH) program focuses on skill development without the pressures of competition. This is a progressive learn to play curriculum, designed to develop a foundation of hockey skating skills and basic hockey skills (puck control, passing, receiving, shooting) in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Participants should have some knowledge of skating before joining this program.

This class is ideal for players who have already went through the Learn to Skate program and want to move forward with their hockey development. Students get 1 hour or 1/2 hour per week of formal instruction on the basic fundamental skating skills. Sessions run throughout the year.


  • A FUN, SAFE and POSITIVE experience for a players first contact with Ice Hockey
  • An introduction to the concepts of cooperation and fair play
  • Development in a fun learning environment while instilling self-confidence


  • Develop basic hockey skills based on participant’s skill level
  • Skating, Passing, Puck Handling, Turning, Stopping and Shooting
  • Build a foundation for future years

Required equipment: Helmet w/cage, Gloves, Hockey Skates, Elbow Pads, Shin Pads, Mouth Guard and Stick.

ITH builds on skating skills developed in the LTS class. We will work with students on forward striding, backward striding, balance and stopping .  Students will also learn to master forwards and backwards crossovers and edge control. The basics of puck control, passing/receiving, and shooting will be introduced during the class.

Sample Intro To Hockey Curriculum

Rookie: Professional: All Stars:
Forward Stride Backwards Stride Transition skating forward to backwards
Forward Edges Backwards Edges Hockey stops one leg
Forward Crossover Backwards Crossovers Accelaration Starts and Stops
Forward Stop and Starts Backwards stop and starts Tight Turns
Lateral Crossovers Alternating backward C-cuts Power Turns
Stationary Puck Control Moving Puck Control Pivots
Stationary Passing & Receiving Moving Passing & Receiving Game like situational skill drills
Stationary Shooting Shooting while skating

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