Private & Semi-Private Hockey Classes

Private & Semi-Private Hockey Classes

For players looking for the extra edge, nothing beats having a personal 1 on 1 class with instant feedback. Private or Semi-Private (2-4 players) is a great way to focus on specific areas of weakness and marked improvements can be witnessed in a short period of time.

Sessions are 1 on 1 or can be in a semi-private setting with a small group of players. The limited number of skaters makes it easier to dissect a players game and make the proper corrections. The main goal is to have the player understand the skills they are performing and to receive the necessary repetitions to ensure that they are executed in the correct technique. Most importantly, we want the players to significantly increase their confidence level and be the best player they can be!

We give half hour or one hour private lessons on basic skating or power skating depending on your skill level. These lessons are highly customized to the areas that would most benefit you most. We can even focus on “Defenseman and Forward specific training drills”.

Below are the skills that you can request to focus on in the training sessions:

  • Powerskating (Forwards and Backwards): stride work – striding, balance & recovery , edges – inside/outside, stops, starts, snap turns, agility, pivoting, crossovers, knee bend, transition skating, overspeed.
  • Stickhandling: wrist rotation, dribbles both wide and quick, perform skill at top speed, change skating gears while stickhandling.
  • Passing: area, forehand, backhand, saucer, indirect, one touch, chip.
  • Receiving: give with the puck, knee bend, soft hands.
  • Shooting: wrist/slap/snap shots, one-timers, backhands, shooting on the move, head up, attack net and redirect puck, tips.
  • Stick checking: influence the opposing player by stick angling, poke-checking, active stick.
  • Body Checking: proper angling, playing through the opponent, dislodge opposing player from puck, wall checking and learning how to take a check.
  • Puck Battles: wall battles, open area battles, front of goal battles, puck protection, shot blocking.

For prices and to schedule a private or semi-private class, please email or call +6013.342.9524