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  1. Dear Sirs,

    Our daughter age 10 has been playing Ice Hockey in Thailand Singapore and UK for last 3 years. As well as her normal training and matches where we live in Chiang Mai Thailand and Bangkok shes just completed 3 ice hockey camps in UK. 2 of these camps where run by BOBIHC which is recognized leader in UK. She also recently attended the Clarke Ice hockey camp/clinic in Nottingham.

    At recent camps in UK she won player od day and also came first in one of shooting skill tests.

    She will be playing in Bangkok youth league over next few months for under 10s and also under 12s as a guest player for one of Bangkok teams. Also she will be playing in a upcoming tournament for her team up here in chiang Mai.

    Im writing as her father for any information on developemt camps or other training and playing opportunities in Malaysia especially in KL sine there are budget daily flights from Chiang Mai to KL.

    We look forward to receiving any information on any opportunities for her to improve her Ice Hockey skills.

    Kind Regards

    Walter & Pla Blackwell

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