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The objective of the G10 Ice Hockey Academy, shall be to promote, foster and grow the sport of ice hockey for all interested youths and adults in Malaysia and around Asia. Our main purpose will be to implant firmly in the players of the community the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect so that they may be finer, stronger and happier children while supporting and encouraging the growth of ice hockey throughout Asia. The main focus of the Academy shall be to provide a positive learning and growth experience to all interested participants. Ice Hockey in Malaysia is growing rapidly and our academy has been around since it all started!


Gary Tan, born on September 1979, is a Malaysian National ice hockey player and Captain of the Malaysia RockTape Wildcats (formerly Dexion Wildcats). Tan began playing ice hockey at the age of 17, after playing roller hockey since he was 15. He watched his first ever roller hockey game at the Arena PJ in Malaysia and has been captivated ever since.

Previously in 2005, Tan spent four months in Toronto which was a life changing experience; he took on the role of the coach. He coached private classes, team practices and group classes while he was there. He stated that his time there assisted him in growing and becoming a better player and coach. Later in 2010, Tan returned to Canada for a whole year to continue his coaching stint at World Class Hockey Development with Jules Jardine (www.worldclasshockey.com) .


He also gives his family great credit for his career and where he is today. He describes his parents as very supportive as they saw his true passion for the sport and till this very day, they still attend his major tournaments. Growing up he practiced the game with his school mates which was the initiation to his career. He used to teach himself how to play hockey thru books and videos he found and kept on practicing everyday until he mastered it. His main goal still remains the same which is to never stop learning new things and to help grow the sport of Ice Hockey.

As a player, Tan scored his first official goal in 2007 as the captain for the Malaysia national team against Hong Kong during the Asian Winter Games in Changchun, China. One of his most memorable and honoured moment was also in 2007, where not only was he announced the “best player of the game” but was also chosen as the first ever Flag Bearer at the Asian Winter Games for Malaysia.

With his vast experience Gary Tan has now started his Ice Hockey Academy to help build Ice Hockey in Malaysia and to grow Malaysia’s 1st and future NHL Ice Hockey player.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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G10 Quotes

“I actually know a lot of kids who first started playing kept to themselves, very quiet and now because of the game, you know they’re more, open and friendlier. To summarize, we here, at G10 Ice Hockey Academy, we try to focus on that [the youth]. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and learn something.”

“Ice hockey has the closest, in terms of family bond. Everyone is close in the hockey community, like we know each other from all the tournaments and we keep in touch. It’s a team bond or friendship. If you come to the rink you will see all the families mingling”


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